Scotlens was formed in 1975 and has evolved over the years to become one of the leading Independent Contact Lens Manufacturers in the UK. We were the first company in the world to obtain CE certification for Hard and gas permeable lenses. If you wear contact lenses or are thinking of being fitted with contact lenses you can be assured that our lenses are manufactured to the highest standard.

To be able to provide you with high quality contact lenses we continually invest in our manufacturing equipment, indeed we use sub micron lathing technology to ensure both quality and reproducibility.

We supply lenses throughout the UK and if the practitioner you are thinking of going to does not have an account with us he can still order lenses. Please note that we only supply to Optometrists / Opticians who are registered with the General Optical Council, again to ensure you are properly looked after. Please do not take risks with your eyesight, we recommend you do not buy lenses unless they are sold via the practitioner who fitted them.

Many people have been told they are not suitable for contact lenses this can be for a number of reasons but quite often it is due to the lack of experience of the lens fitter. For this reason you should check out more than one outlet, and remember you get what you pay for.
Nocturnal LensDo your eyes get tired and uncomfy with your soft contact lenses? Are you thinking of laser surgery? Then perhaps you should consider Ortho-K, a contact lens you wear only when you sleep, allowing you to go all day without wearing contact lenses or glasses and it is reversible unlike laser. Nocturnal contact lenses enable you to see clearly throughout the day without any irritations or concern about dry eyes, discomfort or loss when working in an air-conditioned or dusty environment, rugby, rock climbing, cycling, sailing, swimming and even just for general living. Nocturnal™ lenses are designed and manufactured solely by Scotlens Ltd.

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K-ContourK-Contour™ contact lenses have been developed specifically to fit keratoconic patients. K-Contour™ lenses provide the best quality vision and optimum fit for most keratoconic patients. The complex back surface of the contact lenses was developed in hospital contact lens clinics using 3 dimensional corneal mapping and enhanced contact lens fitting imaging. This has resulted in one of the most refined contact lens fitting systems available to keratoconic patients. K-Contour™ is now the first choice keratoconic fitting system for many hospital clinics and independent optometrists. K-Contour™ lenses are designed and manufactured solely by Scotlens Ltd.

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One8™ LensesOne-8™ lenses are designed to fit very distorted corneas, or provide complex fits such as keratoconus with a lens suitable for sporting activities. The lenses are as comfortable as soft lenses and even more stable on the eye for activities like rugby, canoeing or even bungee jumping. One-8™ lenses are fittied from a fitting set so all experienced optometrists should be able to fit them. If you have corneal problems and are requiring surgery or want a lens for an active lifestyle you should ask your optician and try One-8™. One-8™ are designed and manufactured solely by Scotlens Ltd.
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