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All of the Corneoscleral advantages for Kerotoconic Eyes

KCorneoscleral contact lenses provide the visual correction for keratoconus of GP lenses with the comfort and ease of handling of soft contact lenses. This combination makes them one of the fastest growing products in the contact lens world. The lens diameter results in a stable centred fit providing patients with keratoconus stable vision in a lens that can be worn during water based activities and contact sports. Unlike corneal GPs where comfort adaption is needed Corneoscleral lenses are as comfortable as soft contacts from the moment they are placed on the eye.

KCorneoscleral Parameters

  • BOZR: 5.00mm - 7.70mm (0.2 steps) - Toric Central Zone available
  • Peripheral Zone: ±4 step increments - Toric Scleral Zone available
  • Designs: Keratoconic back surface, spherical, bi-toric and F/S toric
  • Power: +20.00DS, -30.00DS, ±7.00DC
  • Diameter: 14.50mm
  • Material: Boston XO (100Dk)
  • Mode: Daily wear, annual replacement

K Corneoscleral Lens Fitting

KCorneoscleral Lens fitting is very simple with a fitting set covering from mild to advanced keratoconus. The central zone of the lens is assessed with slit lamp examination similar to modern corneal lenses and the periphery is adjusted to obtain comfort. For patients with early or mild keratoconus the Corneoscleral geometry fitting set can also be suitable.

Watch our KCorneoscleral Lens Fitting Guide to learn more.


Why Choose Corneoscleral?

Why Choose Keratoconic KCorneoscleral?

Comfort from the moment they are inserted, like a soft contact lens. Stability on the eye, meaning clear vision and no centration issues or lens movement post blink. These are the goals for every contact lens wearer and now easily provided for keratoconus patients.

K Corneoscleral - All of the Corneoscleral advantages for Kerotoconic Eyes