GP Lenses - Keratoconic - Overview


Managing irregular corneal patients has never been easier thanks to K-Contour, KCorneoscleral and EasyScleral. Smaller diameter corneal lenses like K-Contour are still the first lens option for most fitters. They have been successfully correcting keratoconus for 20 to 30 years. They are easy to fit from a fitting set that covers from sub-clinical through to advanced keratoconus. The modern approach of apical clearance combined with the tear exchange and high Dk of modern materials promote corneal health for the full time wear schedules needed for these patients.

Keratoconic K Corneoscleral

K Corneoscleral contact lenses provide the visual correction for keratoconus of GP lenses with the comfort and ease of handling of soft contact lenses. This combination makes them one of the fastest growing products in the contact lens world. The lens diameter results in a stable centred fit providing patients with keratoconus stable vision in a lens that can be worn during water based activities and contact sports. Unlike corneal GPs where comfort adaption is needed Corneoscleral lenses are as comfortable as soft contacts from the moment they are placed on the eye.

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Keratoconic EasyScleral™

EasyScleral™ contact lenses provide an optimum solution for irregular corneas experiencing keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, post-surgical and post-traumatic corneas. A simple fitting system using trial lenses enables quick and accurate fitting. Front surface and thickness profile optimisation results in optimum vision and comfort. The geometry can be customised enabling even the most distorted eyes to be fitted. EasyScleral™ contact lenses can be worn during all activities allowing wearers full time clear and stable vision.

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Keratoconic K-Contour

K-Contour contact lenses have been developed to provide the best quality vision and optimum fit for most keratoconic patients. The complex back surface of the contact lenses was developed in hospital contact lens clinics using 3 dimensional corneal mapping and enhanced contact lens fitting imaging. This has resulted in one of the most refined contact lens fitting systems available to keratoconic patients.

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Why Choose Corneoscleral?

Why Choose Keratoconic Lenses?

Keratoconic lenses are specifically designed to fit the corneas shape found in keratoconus. When lenses fit well they provide better comfort, promote health and correct the vision optimally. Keratoconic lenses are also fitted from a fitting set, this allows refinement of the fit and vision all in one appointment.