GP Lenses - MultiFocal - ProCurve+

MultiFocal range in focus with Large Corneal GP stability

Providing increased range of vision and greater comfort over concentric bifocals along with true range of focus this is the first choice for any presbyope. The aspheric back surface allows optimum fitting with larger diameters which in turn maximise the distance centre optics from the front surface.

ProCurve+ Parameters

  • BOZR: 6.80mm - 9.50mm
  • Diameter: 9.60, 9.80, 10.0mm
  • Power: ±20.00D
  • Add Powers: 0.75 to 4.00
  • MultiFocal: Perception™ Continuous Multifocal Front Surface
  • Back Surface: Fully Aspheric
  • Material: Specify

Geometry Options

Front Surface Add- The standard design has the full add supplied on the front surface. This will result in little corneal moulding and typical fluorescein fitting pattern.

Back Surface Add- If you prefer back surface multifocal designs you can specify a back surface add when ordering. Back surface adds can result in corneal moulding and present a steep central fluorescein pattern.

Why Choose Corneoscleral?

Why Choose ProCurve+?

The unique manufacturing process Scotlens makes the most out of complex optics like that of a multifocal. Quality optics are so critical when all of the focusing must be done through the small aperture of the pupil. The optical qualities combined with the diameter of this lens are great for VDU users especially where monitors need to be in focus straight ahead.

ProCurve+ - True MultiFocal range in focus with Large Corneal GP stability