Corneoscleral - The pinnacle of Contact Lens Wear, Vision & Comfort.

The pinnacle of Contact Lens Wear, Vision & Comfort.

Corneoscleral contact lenses provide the visual benefits of GP lenses with the comfort and ease of handling of soft contact lenses. This combination makes them one of the fastest growing products in the contact lens world. Patients with astigmatism can now have crisp stable vision with their exact prescription in a lens that can be worn during water based activities and contact sports. Unlike corneal GPs where comfort adaption is needed Corneoscleral lenses are as comfortable as soft contacts from the moment they are placed on the eye.

Corneoscleral Parameters

  • BOZR: 6.90mm – 8.50mm (0.1 steps) - Toric Central Zone available (when ΔK > 0.3mm)
  • Peripheral Zone: +4 step increments - Toric Scleral Zone available
  • Designs: Back surface, spherical or toric, Front surface bi-toric and F/S toric
  • Power: +20.00DS, -30.00DS, +7.00DC
  • Diameter: 14.50mm
  • Material: Boston XO (100Dk)
  • Mode: Daily wear, annual replacement

Corneoscleral Lens Fitting

Corneoscleral Lens fitting is very simple and more similar to soft lens fitting but with the added advantage that a fitting pattern can be assessed with the slit lamp. Watch our Corneoscleral Lens Fitting Guide to learn more. For eyes with less than 1.50D of corneal astigmatism using a fitting set is the most efficient way to get optimum fit and vision. For eyes with more than 1.50D of corneal astigmatism lenses will be supplied empirically from Ks and Rx. For patients with keratoconus there is a K Corneoscleral geometry fitting set.

Why Choose Corneoscleral?

Why Choose Toric Corneoscleral?

There are two main reasons. One, patients love it and will thank you. Two, this is a problem solving lens. For patients who are becoming intolerant to their current lenses be it GPs or softs, for patients frustrated with soft toric variable vision, and although these lenses suffer from dryness the same as other lenses some patients find they are comfier for the limited amount of time they can wear them.

See the testimonials to hear what wearers have to say.

Corneoscleral - The pinnacle of Contact Lens Wear, Vision & Comfort.