Orthokeratology at its simplest and most advanced.

Nocturnal™ Orthokeratology (Ortho-k) is the process of wearing a contact lens only when sleeping that corrects short-sight. Stable corrected vision is provided all day without the use of contact lenses or spectacles. The process is reversible and in 2010 established by the FDA as having the same safety as soft contact lenses.

Nocturnal™ Ortho-k lenses have been the first lens choice for many Eye Care Providers since 2003. Their patients have been benefiting for greater eye comfort, the freedom of having “naturally good eyesight” and the potential of myopia control. The Nocturnal™ lens design has remained unchanged since 2008 but the fitting assessment and corneal measurement has been evolving so that Nocturnal™ lenses now have one of the highest first lens fit success rates in the industry. This is only possible with the unique manufacturing process that Scotlens use. Nocturnal™ providers not only know that they are providing the best contact lens care for their patients but also see their patient numbers growing. Patients increasingly find their eye becoming dry and uncomfortable at the end of a long day at the computer, only a contact lens that isn’t worn in front of the PC can fix this... Nocturnal™. Patients want the flexibility to swim at the gym or with their kids without worrying about lens contamination or loss, only a contact lens that isn’t worn during the day can give total freedom... Nocturnal™. If you are an eyecare provider that doesn’t offer Nocturnal™ then why not find out more about it by watching our Training Videos. Or better still join us at a training day or conference.

The Benefits for your Patients

  • Stable corrected vision 24 hours a day
  • No contact lens related dryness or discomfort
  • Freedom of having naturally good eyesight
  • Potential for myopia control
  • None of the risks of laser eye surgery
  • Lifestyle change for similar cost of contact lenses

The Benefits for your Practice

  • Providing every mode of contact lens correction
  • Give the best contact lens option to suitable patients
  • Differentiate your practice from the average
  • Grow your practice with delighted patients
  • Professional development

Nocturnal is a non-surgical process that uses reverse geometry contact lenses to reshape the cornea of the eye while you sleep. So when you wake up Nocturnal Contact Lenses™ will have corrected the focusing power of the eye which means that you would not have to wear spectacles or contact lenses during the day.

Nocturnalens -  Safe Laser Surgery Alternative to Contact Lenses

Why Choose Nocturnalens™?

Nocturnal Contact Lenses offer huge benefits to people in specific areas of employment where spectacles or contact lenses can be an inconvenience. Likewise, not having to wear contact lenses during the day means that you will no longer experience problems with hay fever, dryness, air conditioning, wind, dust or slippage... leaving you free to focus on enjoying a modern, active lifestyle. Nocturnalens™ is the Safe Laser Surgery Alternative to wearing Contact Lenses.

Work, play sports... enjoy yourself with complete freedom.