Soft Lenses - Choice Comfort

Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

A silicone hydrogel monthly contact lens designed and manufactured to provide all day comfort keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear. The unique material ensures the lenses attract water even on the last day of its life, keeping your eyes comfortable. At the same time ChoiceComfort™ delivers enough oxygen to your eye to enable you to wear lenses all day. Perception™ wavefront correction optics focus stray light rays providing high quality vision.

Benefits of ChoiceComfort™

Health Highly breathable material allows a high flow of oxygen to the eye.
Choice of 2 base curves ensuring an optimum fit
Comfort High water content ensures good biocompatibility with the eye.
High flexibility ensures the lens fits and moves naturally on the eye.
Material has a high affinity to water keeping it moist throughout the day.
No surface treatment is needed meaning wettability lasts the lifetime of the lens.
Visual Benefits Perception™ optics provides wavefront corrected quality vision.
Improved vision aids VDU users and people with high visual demand.
Naturally masks lower amounts of astigmatism.
Reduced glare and improved low light level vision.
Convenience Suitable for typical all-day wear, with occasional* overnight wear.

ChoiceComfort™ Specification & Parameters

Base Curve 8.40mm or 8.80mm
Diameter 14.10mm
Power +8.00 to -10.00
+6.00 to -8.00 [0.25 steps]
-8.50 to -10.00 [0.50 steps]
+6.50 to +8.00 [0.50 steps]
Design Aspheric back surface
Aspheric front surface
Perception™ wavefront correction optics
Dk/t [-3.00DS] 86
Modulus 0.5MPa
Water Content 58%
Manufacture Cast Moulding
Pack Size 6 Lenses

Fitting Guidelines

Assess patient’s suitability for contact lens wear.
Complete spectacle refraction.
Corneal topography/keratometry

Initial Fitting

Select lens of equivalent power to the best vision sphere [BVS] for the patient. Correct for vertex distance adjustments if the BVS power is greater than ±4.00D.
Insert contact lens and allow settling for 15 minutes

Vision Assessment

Perform a spherical over refraction with a distance target to find the final BVS for distance. Ensure the patient has good acuity. Order lenses with power equal to the final BVS.


The following strategies can assist in presbyopic correction.
Early - Overcorrect both eyes by +0.50DS providing suitable distance acuity and adequate near/intermediate vision.
Early/Moderate - Dominant eye corrected for distance, non-dominant over corrected by +1.00DS [VDU operators may prefer the dominant eye overcorrected].
Moderate - Overcorrect the dominant eye by +0.50. Overcorrect the non dominant eye by +1.50. [For patients with a desire for stereo vision this is often the maximum overcorrection tolerated]. Ensure suitable distance acuity, minus power over spectacles may be desirable.
Advanced - Overcorrect the dominant eye by +0.50. Overcorrect the non dominant eye by +2.50. Ensure suitable distance acuity, minus power over spectacles are recommended.

If the above strategies are unsuccessful over spectacles can be provided, or try BYO Zoom multifocal.

Fitting Assessment

The lens should centre and provide full coverage of the limbus on primary gaze. No blood vessel blanching should occur.

Post blink movement in superior gaze should be 0.5mm-1.0mm. The lens should centre quickly following push up test. 8.40mm and 8.80mm base curves are available.

Prolonged wear should reveal only minimal corneal SPK and limbal arc staining.

The patient should experience good comfort, white eyes and good vision.