Green philosophy

At Scotlens we are anti ‘Green washing’ – companies that talk a good game about doing their bit for the Planet in their marketing, but still continue poor practice. For us it is about actions, not words. As a business we are doing our best to change any areas of our Lathe2i process that isn’t good for the environment. As our products end up in the eye, there are still elements of what we do where there is no recyclable solution available. But the industry is working on them, and we will add them to our processes as soon as they come out.

Packaging that is better for the Planet

Our Nocturnal Starter Box has been developed with the environment in mind. Sadly not all the elements can be recycled yet, but we’re working on it! Each box has been designed in extra thick recyclable card (it won’t distinegrate when splashed with water) to be used as a secure space for patients to keep their night lenses safe. Recycling instructions are included in the box.

Custom fit GP lenses are better for the planet

The words in the image say it all really. 1 pair of night lenses per year vs 730 daily contact lenses (or 1-2 pairs of glasses). GP custom fit lenses are one of the most environmentally friendly eyecare devices, if not THE most environmenally friendly option.

Less to landfill. Better for the planet.