Corneoscleral | Custom fit contact lens

CORNEOSCLERALâ„¢ by Scotlens

Custom made to any Rx, spherical, bi-toric and front surface toric.

The correction of a gas permeable lens but with the comfort of a soft daily disposable lens.

Transforming lives by improving vision

Corneoscleral / Corneoscleral Toric

The Corneoscleral is unique design 14.5mm diameter GP. This design provides comfort equal to daily disposable soft contact lenses. The power range allows high prescriptions including high astigmatism to be corrected perfectly.


Ordering by specification based on Initial Trial Lens Parameters below or supplying spectacle Rx, BVD and Ks will generally provide an optimal fitting lens. Trial lens sets are available for spherical BOZR range.


  • Patient comfort is useful to establishing an optimum fit so no anaesthetic should be used.
  • Insert the lens, then instil fluorescein. If no fluorescein goes under the lens it is too steep and sealing off. If fluorescein goes behind he lens there is a tear pump effect and adequate edge lift.
  • Assess the central 10.0mm area and adjust BOZR in 0.2mm increments if needed.
    Assess edge
  • With toric lenses note flat axis marks (- -) rotation.

Assess the acuity with a distance chart, check the lens power with spherical over refraction. If the lens is a reading lens in monovision note the minus over refraction for optimum distance. With toric lenses align cross-cyl with the rotation of the flat axis marks.

If either the fit or power of the lens need altered forward the information to the lab or specify the parameters for the new lens.

Corneoscleral Initial Trial Lens Parameters

0.00 to 1.75 D Cyl
Ks differ up to 0.35rd
Base Curve 0.1mm steeper than flat K Power -0.50 more than spec Rx sphere
Over 2.00 D Cyl
Ks differ 0.40 or more
KFLAT BOZR -0.05mm
PowerFLAT -0.25 more than spec Rx
PowerSTEEP +0.25 more than spec Rx

Spectacle Rx should be minus cyl form. Correct for BVD is spec Rx is over +4.50

Features & Benefits

Feature Advantage Benefit
14.5mm diameter Enables full or part time wear schedule Provides comfort equal to daily disposable soft lenses
Spherical, front surface cyl or
bi-toric geometry
Power range to suit all prescriptions Stable vision even with high astigmatism
Lathe2i freeform manufacture Optimum surface quality and parameter accuracy Improves comfort and surface quality. Ensures repeatability
Optimised thickness profile Minimised lens weight, minimises lid interaction Improves comfort and vision
Supplied in Boston XO Optimum performance for patient needs Improves surface quality and patient biocompatibility