Lens Materials

GP Lens Materials

Scotlens are happy to offer a wide range of materials from a range of quality manufacturers. These materials fit all your GP needs including our scleral lenses, ortho-k and corneal lenses.

There are two common perceptions considering GP materials. The higher the Dk the better for oxygen and high Dk materials are very soft and do not wet well. This is no longer true, what is more relevant is surface quality and biocompatibility.

Scotlens’s Lathe2iTM freeform manufacturing this will give optimum surface quality and biocompatibility with high Dk materials. Lower Dk material will also perform well but there is no clinical difference in longevity from patient handling. Regular replacement of lenses on an annual basis is not only good clinical practice it will ensure patients get the best performance from their lenses.

Selecting a high Dk material for all lenses is appropriate. Dk is important for over night wear and large diameter designs that cover the entire cornea, hyper Dk materials may be desirable in these cases.

In cases where lipid deposits can cause greasing during the day swapping to a different manufacturers material or lower Dk material may improve biocompatibility. Ensuring daily protein removal with Avizor EverClean can benefit patients with deposition issues.

Materials available are listed below.

Low 17 Scotlens GP1 (no exchange) Daily wear for lenses below 9.00 Ø
18 Boston ES
26 Contamac Optimum Classic
Mid 58 Boston EO Daily wear for lenses below 10.00 Ø
65 Contamac Optimum Comfort
40 Paragon HDS
High 100 Boston XO Ortho-k, daily wear application, extended wear, scleral and corneoscleral

All daily wear, extended wear

100 Acuity 100
100 Contamac Optimum Extra
100 Paragon HDS 100
Hyper 200 Acuity 200 Corneal pathology present
6 monthly frequent replacement
141 Boston XO2
125 Contamac Optimum Extreme