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Scotlens hijacks 100% Optical digital brand to launch contact lens disruption

The #NIGHTLENSES REVOLUTION arrives at 100% Optical | Excel London | 23-35 April 2022

To make practitioners aware of the #nightlenses revolution, the disruption of the Ortho-K space that is changing the optical landscape – adding a 4th mainstream option to patients of NIGHT LENSES, to the 3 current options of GLASSES, DAY LENSES & LASER EYE SURGERY – Scotlens has hijacked the 100% Optical digital brand! ?

In the digital space behind the 100% Optical brand on all exhibitor badges, event signs, social content and the main website, is a hidden message from Optometrist Scott Brown, Clinical Director & Lens Designer for Scotlens | Custom fit contact lenses, urging practitioners to join the #nightlenses revolution. OK, ‘urging’ and ‘revolution’ might be a bit overplayed – no marching or weapons required – just… READ MORE


A video of Scott Brown digital hijacks the 100% Optical logo

Scotlens & Optician Magazine | April Fool

New testing room regulations: Test charts and illumination standards change in 2023 due to complaints

– #MyopiaChat, disrupting Ortho-K with night lenses

Scotlens launch new premium Nocturnal Ortho-K night lens unboxing experience

To grow Ortho-K? Call them night lenses…


Scott Brown, Partner & Clinical director of Scotlens, says:
“When Tom walked through the door, we hit it off immediately. As he demonstrated where he thought the Ortho-K market was failing and his solution for fixing that … using our tea cups, packets of sugar and scribbles on a notepad, as only Tom can, I realised that our company, and indeed the industry, needed fresh blood and disruptors from outside to come in and shake it up”


Scott Brown | Optometrist & Specialist Lens Manufacturer

Scott is a recognised expert in specialist contact lenses, designing his own lenses (including a night lens) as a manufacturer through his business Scotlens, lenses which he fits as an optometrist in Edinburgh at Jack Brown Eyecare. Very few have been fitting night lenses in the UK as long as Scott. A second generation lens innovator, Scott’s father pioneered some of the earliest commercial contact lenses.

From Optometry Today
Scott Brown is unlikely to don a spacesuit or invent a technology that could alter the course of climate change. But optometrist and owner of West Lothian specialist contact lens company Scotlens is at a different kind of frontier through his involvement with myopia management.

“We are at the age of discovery with myopia control. It might not be getting to Mars or a new energy technology, but it feels like the optometric equivalent to me,” he said.

Tom Griffiths | Managing Director [Entrepreneur & Disruptor]

A previous Sunday Times Top 100 Entrepreneur-Disruptor, Tom is the ex founder of, an early social network established in 1998. Author, public speaker, innovator and creative, Sir Richard Branson once said of Tom that “His energy and enthusiasm is infectious”. Tom’s son’s life was transformed by a Scotlens night lens. The impact on Tom was so great that he joined Scott to develop the Scotlens brand and become a Myopia Control Awareness campaigner.

From Optician Magazine, Tom Griffiths on myopia control awareness
“We all have responsibility to get this right for our kids’ futures. That’s the bottom line. This surge in myopia is very real, it’s happening. I went through the system and if I hadn’t chanced upon ortho-k, I wouldn’t have had any clue. My son might still be in glasses. His eyesight was minus four by the time he got on to them. We’re not getting the message out. As a sector, it’s important that we get it right”.


UK wide, various ages

Scotlens is a partner of the UK Myopia Control Awareness Campaign and is happy to provide night lens case studies to demonstrate myopia control in children. Lifestyle case studies: one of the biggest reasons adults choose night lenses are for lifestyle reasons. We have access to sports people, workers, family members … and ideas for pieces if you’d like to run one.


Contact lenses, myopia, clinical eye shots, research images

We recognise that finding great images to accompany pieces in this area is extremely difficult, which is why we have a database of free to use images at your disposal. Myopia control is the main topic in the Night Lens space just now. We have clinical images, graphics, digital downloads of demonstration GIF’s, videos etc.