Finished to the highest specs in the industry, fitted by ECP’s with the best in-chair training & clinical support – to deliver the best quality, best fit & best results in the UK

My dad, as an Optometrist, pioneered specialist lens design in the 1970’s. I followed in his footsteps as an Optometrist designing a range of custom made lenses that I use on my own patients. I personally train ECP’s to fit our lenses and am on call to offer in-chair support. We’re often told that we have the best quality | best fit | best result GP lenses in the UK, a fact I am extremely proud of. As I use my own lens designs on my own patients, I am only interested in delivering the best lens on the market. It’s my obsession. Trust & confidence for you.

Along with my business partner Tom [previous Sunday Times Top 100 Entrepreneur/Disruptor] who personally assists our ECP’s with their marketing & social media and Lab Manager Iain [with Scotlens for 35 years now!] who personally ensures your lenses are perfect – as a team, along with you, our amazing ECP Network, we work together to transform lives. And that’s a fantastic business to be in!

SCOTT BROWN | SCOTLENS | Optometrist & GP Lens Innovator