The #NIGHTLENSES REVOLUTION arrives at 100% Optical | Excel London | 23-35 April 2022

To make practitioners aware of the #nightlenses revolution, the disruption of the Ortho-K space that is changing the optical landscape – adding a 4th mainstream option to patients of NIGHT LENSES, to the 3 current options of GLASSES, DAY LENSES & LASER EYE SURGERY – Scotlens has hijacked the 100% Optical digital brand! 🙂

In the digital space behind the 100% Optical brand on all exhibitor badges, event signs, social content and the main website, is a hidden message from Optometrist Scott Brown, Clinical Director & Lens Designer for Scotlens | Custom fit contact lenses, urging practitioners to join the #nightlenses revolution. OK, ‘urging’ and ‘revolution’ might be a bit overplayed – no marching or weapons required – just pop along to the Positive Impact stand L350 to find out more and check out

Since launching our Night Lenses campaign on September 1 2021 with our re-branded Nocturnal Starter Box, supporting marketing materials and website (which sends patients to our partners), we have seen record monthly sales. The secret? Stop calling them Ortho-K! Call them night lenses. Make them mainstream, an obvious alternative to day lenses for (a) those with active lifestyles and (b) parents looking for Myopia Control, make them cool, relevant and on-trend:

Night lenses are profitable and transform patient’s lives: read how night lenses have changed people’s lives HERE.

And with the environmental backlash coming to the >7 billion daily lenses over the past 10 years in the UK alone (tens of billions worldwide) that have gone into landfill and created microplastics in our seas, having been flushed down toilets and sinks … with just 2 lenses per year, night lenses are better for the environment too.

NIGHT LENSES | Freedom from specs & day lenses.
Optometry’s answer to laser eye surgery …

We hope 100% Optical forgive us for the hijack and you’ve enjoyed our bit of fun – vid below 🙂

Love from the team @ Scotlens xx


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