Myopia Control Awareness Campaign

Scotlens is proud to support the UK Myopia Control Awareness Campaign

THE MYOPIA CONTROL AWARENESS CAMPAIGN is a non-commercial, crowd-funded and crowd-run industry collaboration campaign, launched to ensure that every UK parent of a child first diagnosed with MYOPIA PROGRESSION is made aware of the following by their Eye Care Professional (ECP) :

  • ‘Myopia Progression’ being flagged up to them
  • What the term ‘Myopia’ actually means
  • The long term risks of eye disease to their children
  • What ‘Myopia control’ means and the options
  • The meaning of medical terms e.g. Glaucoma
  • 5 questions to ask their Eye Care Professional (ECP)

“5 questions to ask your ECP before you leave today ”

Does my child have myopia?
What line on the eye chart can they see now?
What line might they see in 5 years’ time?
What is their projected line on the graph? (BELOW)
What myopia control options are available to us?

Further info:


More time outdoors can control myopia
Studies have shown that over 14 hours per week (2 hours/day) spent outdoors reduces the risk of developing short sight. Walking to school and no screens on car journeys are also beneficial good lifestyle habits worth establishing now. All free!


The world is getting better at myopia control in children, with new research and innovations every year. The current UK options available to patients are:

– GLASSES with Myopia Control

– DAY LENSES with Myopia Control

– NIGHT LENSES (Ortho-k) with Myopia Control


An early pioneer of the Ortho-K night lens, anecdotally we have been stabilising myopia in children with our Nocturnal lens since 2003.


A collaboration with Avizor, we have developed the Nocturnal Starter Box as a market leading product for any parent wishing to get serious about Myopia Control with night lenses. If you’re interested in finding out more about the NOCBOX (as we call it) or you would like to work with us on the Myopia Control Awareness Campaign or become a new fitter, please GET IN TOUCH.

Case study: Stabilising Benjamin’s Myopia with a Nocturnal Lens

“Benjamin is short sighted” This is what the optician said. My wife and I thought nothing of it. Short sight is harmless right? Benjamin was 8 (his age in the photo to the left, in the red wetsuit). Aged 9-13 his sight crashed down to -3.75 & -4.00.

We finally understood ‘myopia’ and the long-term risks when he was 14 and fitted him with a Scotlens Nocturnal night lens. He has been stable for 2 years now. I’m gutted that we didn’t start earlier, to give him better sight and a better life. My message to parents is start early!