Myopia progression – parent first diagnosis chart

This chart was developed as a collaboration between parents and practitioners to help practitioners give parents a myopia diagnosis in terms they understand. CLICK HERE to download the PDF.


This is a record card that ECP’s can use to document myopia progression and patients can understand the correction they are receiving. CLICK HERE or on the image to download the PDF.

#MyopiaChat campaign &

This campaign and website has been set up in ‘parent-friendly-speak’ to help educate parents and children about myopia management and myopia control. It also exists to enable a better discussion between practitioners and parents in a way that parents understand. CLICK HERE to enter the site

Myopia control/management content

This site has been set up to pass myopia management digital content on to partners. You are welcome to use content from the site in your own websites or digital content. CLICK HERE to enter the site

Time for a UK Government Myopia Strategy to take on our myopia epidemic?

After the Wang report in January 2021 about the rise in Myopia in UK children as a direct result of increased sceen time due to Covid lockdown, we saw many headlines in the UK, but relatively little Government reaction to what was a startling warning. Granted that the DHSC and the Ministers have been (rightly) focused on the Covid crisis. However, the question about whether it is time for a UK Government Myopia Strategy to take on the UK myopia epidemic (as part of the global Myopia pandemic of 50% of the world by 2050) is now centre stage…

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