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In this section you can find a selection of useful blog posts and video guides by Optometrist Scott Brown, Clinical Director & Lens Designer at Scotlens. If you would like Scott to create an advice guide or to write a post on a subject you would like covered, please request via

Using ‘Ortho-k’ or ‘Night lenses’ terms with patients

By Scott Brown, Optometrist MCOptom, BSc(Hons) Optom, Dip OD

Scott is also the Clinical Director & Lens Designer for Scotlens | Custom fit contact lenses, who make the Nocturnal Ortho-K night lens]

I have been asked this question a lot recently, so I thought I’d put my answer down in a blog post to share with others – whether to continue using the medical terms ‘Orthokeratology’ and ‘Ortho-K lenses’ (which, to be honest, has been one of the major factors that has lead to these incredible lenses not growing as they should have done by now) … or whether to use the colloquial term ‘Night lenses’


Why I choose Avizor Solutions for new contact lens wearers

By Scott Brown, Optometrist | Scotlens Clinical Director & Lens Designer

I am often asked why we supply Avizor GP Multi and Lacrifresh Ocudry 0.3% in our Nocturnal (Ortho-K night lens) starter box, shown above.

Was it because Avizor turned up with a big suitcase of cash and asked us to? That would have been lovely, but far from it. The reality is that both solutions have proven themselves as great products to me as an Optometrist, enhancing patient compliance and satisfaction.


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