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In this section you can find a selection of useful blog posts and video guides by Optometrist Scott Brown, Clinical Director & Lens Designer at Scotlens. If you would like Scott to create an advice guide or to write a post on a subject you would like covered, please request via

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Why we must stop using ‘Ortho-K’ with patients

Scott Brown, Optometrist | Scotlens Clinical Director & Lens Designer

Orthokeratology, or the various abbreviations or brand names of it, are a fundamental barrier to patient understanding of what it is. “Ortho-k” is even becoming a too generic and inappropriate word for us to use in the industry. I believe it is time to drop “Ortho-k” as our common term, as it confuses patients and is actively holding back what many patients feel to be a truly life changing correction.

The term “Night lenses” does the opposite to “Ortho-K”. It helps communication, grows awareness and …


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Articles by Scott Brown, Optometrist | Scotlens Clinical Director & Lens Designer

Scott’s world, where he gives further clinical detail to the decision he takes as our Clinical Director – Ortho-K assessment: bubbles, slit lamps & patient technique; First After Care: remove lenses, or not?; Anaesthetic during contact lens I&R; using night lenses vs Ortho-K with patients; how to use our content with patients in the test room etc.


SCOTT BROWN | VIDEO GUIDES [Nocturnal starter box]

Night lens info and Nocturnal documents

Nocturnal Ortho-K Night Lenses | Optometrist content explained

Nocturnal Ortho-K night lenses starter box explained

Contact lens sucker types explained

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