Case studies

Turn happy patients into walking adverts.

There are 3 case study options we can do with you:


If you have a night lens patient who is -3 to -5 then they are ideal for one of these videos, filming them as they see for the first time without glasses or day lenses. Contact Tom if you have a patient ideal for this. We will help manage the filming, will produce a final own-branded video for you and will help you to promote it. Good videos like this, if shared well, could have a 10,000+ social action.

The best patients would be anyone aged 17-35 who fancies themselves as an influencer or who loves posting to Instagram. Other great patients are kids under 10 – CLICK HERE to watch Rhys, aged 8


Natalie’s video was seen >8,000 times when it first aired on instagram. What we love about these vids is that they are 100% authentic. Natalie, dripping wet just out of the water having been wild swimming, talks about how this is only possible with night lenses.

If you have a happy patient who surfs, sails, wake boards, water skis, plays rugby, football, beach vollyball – basically any active scenario where night lenses are a game changer [“you can’t do this with glasses or contact lenses”] – contact Tom and arrange a film session. We will help manage the filming, will make the video up and put your branding on it and help you distribute it. All for free.

The more exciting the vid, the better it will share e.g. the shot opens with a wake boarder who flies into the shore, wipes out just in front of the camera, surfaces soaking wet and says “You can’t do that with glasses or contact lenses! Night lenses rock…!” Film that and you should get 5,000 / 10,000+ views.


We can do this with any case study, any happy patient. Simply introduce them to Tom and he will do the rest. We will help you film it, we’ll produce it and then present you with your own-branded version and advice on how to share it to get publicity. All free of charge. This was Olympian Chris Walker-Hebborn saying how night lenses changed his life. A great chat!