Employing creative expertise

Tom Griffiths, Managing Director of Scotlens, has over 25 years experience in the creative sector. As a result he has a fantastic network of creative talent that he is able to introduce our network partners to. If required, Tom will also assist to broker deals and brief projects to ensure you get the best result for the budget you put towards it. Animators, film makers, video production, SEO specialists, app developers, web developers, printers, designers, packaging design, brand design, GIF’s …

Budget to top end
None of this stuff has to cost the earth. Within our network of creatives we have incredible talent who operate at the budget end [the key to that is briefing really well and ensuring the project is carried out pretty much in one take with no additions/amends] and also for those of you with budget, world class talent at affordable rates.

A few of our network partners are showcased below:


A beautifully, well shot video can generate awareness and sales. Tom has worked with filmmaker Ash on a number of projects. This was to promote a N.Irish seafood brand.


Simple, but effective animation can bring to life products and services and can be highly sharable on social. Ewa, our animator, is talented, great to work with and is able to create budget animations that will help you stand out and bring your digital content to life.


Andrew is local to us and one of the most dependable suppliers we work with. We developed our Nocturnal Starter Box with him. On time, on budget, he produced a solution to every problem that ever came up before we had to ask. 100% reliable.

SEO (+ web design and general digital)

I’ve worked with Neil and his team on many digital projects. 100% reliable, does a great job … does a thorough job. In these projects you need to be able to trust the team to get it right. He has a broad team, so he’s able to do things for all budgets.