NEWSWIRE | PRESS RELEASE | KAMINSKA | Glasgow, Scotland, Friday 10th September 2021

As the world starts to get back on its feet again after Covid, the digital world is set to be packed with high impact messages as businesses rush to grab the attention of sought-after customers. With our Facebook and Instagram pages bursting at the seams with slick marketing content, how can small Scottish businesses stand out and be heard amongst the noise of the relentless multi-million-pound corporate campaigns? Ewa Kaminska, an animator in Glasgow who goes by the name Kaminska Works, might have the answer. Animate your logo or your message in the social feeds. Simple, effective, cheap. Under the philosophy of ‘A rising tide lifts all the boats’, she is offering small Scottish businesses a budget £150 service with her new ‘3 step’ animation service. By helping local Scottish businesses to grow sales, Kaminska can play her part in kick starting the Scottish Economy, which is vital to her own survival as a small one-person business in Scotland post-Covid.

Ewa Kaminska, Kaminska Works, says

“I’ve created a budget 3 step animation service for small Scottish businesses needing to get their messages out for £150. The idea came about when I was working with Scotlens, a small independent contact lens manufacturer in Linlithgow who needed a high impact animation to compete head-to-head with the global businesses who flood their sector with slick campaigns. They have a philosophy of ‘support local’, choosing small Scottish businesses where possible. As they put it, they want to ensure ‘profits pay for piano lessons and school shoes for local kids, not a global CEO’s second home’, which I liked. It got me thinking – to kick start our economy, small Scottish businesses need to stand out. However, most compete on an unfair playing field against huge competitors. Often. it’s down to just 2 seconds to get the sale, the time it takes someone to see their post in their Facebook feed and either look at it or scroll on. If they stop, it’s then another 2 seconds to seal the deal. That’s just 4 seconds! Animations get your attention and make you stop and look. They are really effective. During lockdown I created showreels of over 50 animation examples I can do, for logos, text or background and created a menu. Meaning that all small businesses need to do is choose from the menu, send me their logo and I’ll do the rest. By making it simple I can make them an amazing animation for a really low price and still make a small profit myself. ‘A rising tide lifts all the boats’ – Scottish creative businesses have suffered during lockdown as our clients went into furlough – there are over 300,00 small businesses in Scotland employing over 1 million people, we all need to do our bit to get them going again as we all rely on them. Scotland is full of talented hard-working people who just need the tools to get going again”.

Kaminska’s recent animation for Scotlens | Custom Fit Contact Lenses

Tom Griffiths, Managing Director, Scotlens | Custom Fit Contact Lenses, says

“Ewa Kaminska is a breath of fresh air. Based in Glasgow, she’s a hard-working talented animator who is always positive, always seeking to try new things and do good for the world. The harsh reality is that Scottish businesses like Scotlens can buy cheap creative, digital, print and packaging services overseas and online. It’s hard for our local talent to compete. As a local business, employing local people, we feel it would be hypocritical to not support local whilst expecting others to do so to keep our friends and family, and the friends and family of our staff, in employment. We all need to play our part to help the Scottish Economy re-build. Ewa’s idea is brilliant and she is to be congratulated and hopefully supported. She has worked hard behind the scenes during lockdown to build something that can help others while helping herself. The animation she created for us is amazing and it will certainly help us stand out and drive sales. I’ve used animations before over the years and I can say to any small business considering animations to give them a go. They are simple, cheap and highly effective. As a business we very much support the philosophy of ‘a rising tide lifts all the boats’ and will do our best to support as many Scottish initiatives like this to get our economy going again.”




Your logo animation in 3 EASY STEPS


Choose your style from the DEMO REELS. Take a note of the letter of the reel and number top left of the animation you want.


Fill in the short questionnaire to give me an idea of your business and objectives. Upload your logo.


Within 3 days receive your animation. You have 3 opportunities for changes. When you are happy with a final animation, pay a flat fee of £150 and you will receive 3 files:

  1. HD 1920×1080 (YouTube, Video Intro)
  2. 1080 x 1080 (Instagram)
  3. GIF for your website

Simple! And yes, I like 3’s! ?

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