NEWSWIRE | PRESS RELEASE | SCOTLENS | Linlithow, Scotland, Monday 13th September 2021

Scotlens, one of the UK’s early pioneers of Ortho-K and custom-fit GP lenses, are pleased to announce a collaboration with Avizor, their recommended contact lens solution and dry eye supplier, to launch a new Ortho-K night lens experience, ‘NOCTURNAL™ by Scotlens’. The plan is to get the UK talking about night lenses and enable ECP’s to grow awareness and sales in this exciting new space by joining the #nightlensrevolution.

Introducing NOCTURNAL™ by Scotlens

With global Myopia numbers rising steadily towards the anticipated ‘50% of the world’ by 2050, a spike in UK Myopia progression in under 12’s as a result of Covid lockdowns and home schooling1 and a hunger for products that change our lives and improve our lifestyles, particularly for the Instagram influenced generation, the Ortho-K night lens market is set to boom. Similar to laser surgery, the ‘freedom from glasses and daytime lenses’ message of night lenses is compelling. Yet the delivery of this, one of the most exciting innovations in the sector in recent years, has been lacking, far behind that of the slick laser surgery marketing and the enormous success of turning geeky specs into must-have fashion accessories.

Tom Griffiths, Managing Director, Scotlens | Custom Fit Contact Lenses, says

“Ortho-K night lenses are arguably the most exciting thing to happen in eyecare over the past few years, but there is a massive chasm between the life changing customer experience and the industry delivery of that experience. I put my own very short sighted teen son into night lenses, he walked around with normal clear vision, with no need for glasses or contact lenses during the day, and it blew everyone’s minds. Nobody could believe it. We’re going to bottle that moment for our ECP’s to deliver direct to their patients to enable a mass social share to help them drive night lens awareness and new sales. It’s similar to when people saw an iPod for the first time and had their minds blown, enough to want one. Our new ‘NOCTURNAL™ by Scotlens’ premium product unboxing experience is on-trend and connects our ECP’s directly into the life-changing moment night lenses deliver their patients to generate social share, an exciting buzz and new customers. The Scotlens Ortho-K narrative is changing, selling the exciting sizzle of a mainstream life changing ‘night lens’, not the unappealing sausage of a specialist medical ‘orthokeratology lens’. As our recommended solution and dry eye supplier Avizor were the obvious natural partner, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the ‘can do’ attitude of their General Manager for UK & Ireland, Gary Daniels, who bought into the concept from day one and became an awesome collaboration partner”

Gary Daniels, General Manager UK & Ireland for Avizor, says

“Tom Griffiths’ recent entry into the eyecare industry as a disruptive marketer who has experience of Ortho-K night lenses from a customer point of view and a genuine passion to spread the life-changing benefits of the product, has been a revelation. He has formed a wonderful partnership with Scott Brown, Clinical Director of Scotlens, who, as an Optometrist, has been indulging in his obsession to design perfect specialist GP custom fit lenses that give his patients the best fit and best result for nearly two decades now. Adding Tom’s energy and Commercial Support to ECP’s to Scott’s well-regarded Clinical Support, is the missing piece of the jigsaw that, in my view, turn Scotlens from a fantastic company to an exceptional company. ‘NOCTURNAL™ by Scotlens’ ticks all the boxes of a premium, game changing product, that Avizor want to be a part of to bring to the market. Our broad collaboration with Scotlens has already included CET, Myopia Management Awareness and new support service ideas for UK ECP’s. ‘NOCTURNAL™ by Scotlens’ isn’t just about the box, there’s an incredible Clinical & Commercial support ecosphere behind it which I think the ECP’s are going to love, so I would urge them to get in touch with Scott and Tom. Avizor are really delighted with this partnership, and I’ve loved being an active part of it. Yes, we’ve joined the #nightlensrevolution!”.

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  • Tom Griffiths, Managing Director, Scotlens
  • Gary Daniels, General Manager UK & Ireland, Avizor

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1 Progression of Myopia in School-Aged Children After COVID-19 Home Confinement.
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