By Scott Brown, Optometrist | Scotlens Clinical Director & Lens Designer

I am often asked why we supply Avizor GP Multi and Lacrifresh Ocudry 0.3% in our Nocturnal (Ortho-K night lens) starter box, shown above.

Was it because Avizor turned up with a big suitcase of cash and asked us to? That would have been lovely, but far from it. The reality is that both solutions have proven themselves as great products to me as an Optometrist, enhancing patient compliance and satisfaction.

At Scotlens we pride ourselves with manufacturing a world class Ortho-K lens, packaged up in a premium, market leading presentation box:

Our ambition is to to achieve a ‘Best quality, best fit, best result’ outcome for patients. When we were developing the new Starter Box the simple question was asked of me “What are the best solutions that will give us the best results’? The answer was:

1. GP Multi | Contact lens cleaning & disinfecting

GP Multi is a great all in one solution. Perfect for patients new to contact lenses, as it can be used for insertion without risk of irritation. Long term it cleans our Nocturnal lenses well and, in my experience, has a low incidence of patients becoming allergic. I do often switch patient to Ever Clean PLUS once they are familiar as it provides no rub cleaning and is preservative free, but as it is a peroxide based system I don’t like giving it to new wearers.

Incorrect solution + poor cleaning = vision deterioration + lost chair time
The correct solution is important because if lenses are not cleaned properly it can cause the vision to deteriorate slightly after two to three months. This can result in lost chair time, just to reinforce cleaning.

2. Lacrifresh Ocu-dry 0.3% insertion & comfort drops

Ocudry 0.3% for insertion and comfort after lens removal for patients adapting to their lenses is great to have when starting out. From a small group of high myopes in practice (one of which was an optometrist) OcuDry 0.3% provided the best quality vision compared to other brands of HA drops. Yes, patients will get acceptable results with only using MPS, but my thinking is if high myopes get improved performance from Ocu Dry 0.3% for insertion, there will probably be performance benefit for lower Rx patients as well.

Long term
Long term I want patients to be inserting lenses with a PF wetting drop, as it is less likely any change with their vision will occur. If I do see a change with their vision after the initial fitting period I always suspect a solution allergy or biofilm deposits on the lens. Ever Clean PLUS / Ocu-dry or GP Multi/Ocu-dry are combinations that I can rely on to keep my patients happy.